Euro Gida Goes Digital End-to-End with S/4HANA

Processing agricultural food products in the shortest time and with innovative approaches and presenting them to different palates around the world, with a production capacity of 100 million jars a year and a 44 thousand square meter compound, Turkey’s largest and Europe’s 10th largest company, Euro Gida has successfully taken live the SAP S/4HANA Smart Business project with the cooperation of Renova Consulting and KoçSistem.

An end-to-end successful project encompassing production planning, advanced warehouse management, agricultural purchasing and producer planning, materials management, sales and distribution, quality management, maintenance and repair, financial accounting, cost accounting, budget management, project management, reporting and integration was realized throughout the Euro Gida project, which contracts 3,000 farmers, produces with a capacity of 35,000 tons of raw material and exports to 34 countries.

The project that made use of the Delicious product which was developed by Renova Consulting to fit the foodstuff industry and the conditions of the Turkish market and is the first and only native S/4HANA packaged solution that was accredited by SAP and received the Partner Qualified Packaged Solution certificate, was realized in a short time with success.

The project, which applied many innovative solutions to real life, constituted an exemplary project on global scale in digital transformation through the management of processes such as vehicle, route, area, producer, collection, contract, tax, budget, waybill, cuts, weighbridge, supplier management, advance and incentive payments, R&D, cash flow, raw material management via the agricultural purchasing module.

Some achievements of the project:

  • Observable processes and consistent reports with real-time integrated accounting in logistics modules
  • Detailed, instant cost and profitability tracking
  • Outage tracking and management
  • Production halt tracking
  • Simulative material needs planning
  • Fast reporting
  • Stock optimization, increase in returns speed
  • End-to-end observation of production and quality
  • Agricultural purchasing and producer management
  • Supplier management
  • Continuous delivery and documentation
  • Optimization with address suggestion and layout work at the warehouse
  • Savings in the delivery collection process
  • Prevention of sales loss through correct planning