Manage Financial Leasing Processes with the SAP IFRS 16 Solution

With SAP IFRS 16, we provide a ready solution for establishments who have IFRS 16 obligations. SAP IFRS 16 runs on SAP’s Real Estate Management Solution.

With the SAP IFRS 16 Solution;

  • The distinction between financial leases and operational leases will be eliminated and all leases will be taken into the financial statement under a single model.
  • The inherent risk in managing lease contracts manually will be eliminated and an integrated structure running over enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems will be formed.
  • With the reporting of operational leases within the financial statement, corporations’ size of assets and debt structure will change.
  • With this package that was developed in accordance with IFRS 16, which was formed with a reconstruction of lease transactions standards, the necessary IFRS 16 standards that need to be reflected onto corporate statements can be prepared easily.