Our SAP ERP Project with As Tüketim, Hayat Holding's E-Commerce Company, has started

As Tüketim, the e-commerce company of Hayat Holding which is one of the leading organizations in Turkey, has preferred Renova Consulting in its SAP ERP Project. Besides Turkey, with its thirty-nine brands produced in twenty-nine advanced manufacturing plants scattered across thirteen countries, Hayat Holding provides high-quality services in various industries at both regional and global scales.

In scope of the project, Hayat Holding aims to obtain a system which focuses on end-user theme and enables the organization to carry out its retail processes through its  e-commerce company As Tüketim. The project's kick-off meeting was held on 2 July, and with the deployment of the implemented ERP solutions in 5 months, added value in the business processes of As Tüketim will be ensured. During the project, financial accounting, cost accounting, purchasing & stock management, sales & distribution and warehouse management modules will be implemented, completing the necessary integrations.

As Renova Consulting, we continue to be the long-term business partner of organizations throughout their digital transformation process with our competent team, fast and award-winning applications, and successful projects conducted with 60+ customers.