SAP Customer Experience (CX) Solutions: C/4HANA

Relationships with customers have increased like never before and the channel has become independent. More importantly, this is no longer defined as a relationship, it is now defined as engagement. SAP has further improved its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions which have been offered to thousands of customers for years, bringing them to the level of Customer Engagement Management solutions. You also need an omni-channel sales and marketing strategy so that you can offer the same experience at all customer touch points, and this strategy requires a system. SAP Hybris has added a new dimension to customer experience with its perspective of instant big data marketing and omni-channel commerce.

These solutions have been combined under the Customer Engagement & Commerce (CEC) family of solutions and offered to enterprises. The following products included in this family of solutions provide On-Premise and Cloud solution alternatives.

  • SAP Cloud for Customer [C4C]: Cloud-based Customer Engagement Management
  • SAP Customer Relationship Management [CRM]: Customer Relationship Management
  • SAP Hybris Commerce: Omni-channel Commerce
  • SAP Hybris Marketing: Big Data Marketing Solution (HANA-based)

As Renova, we implement, with our team of qualified consultants, SAP solutions that are tailored to your needs in order to maximize your customer engagement.


Customer Relationship and Engagement Management [CRM: Customer Relationship Management & CEC: Customer Engagement and Commerce]

SAP Customer Relationship and Engagement Management software provides the flexibility that is necessary for quickly building differentiating capabilities and offering superior customer experience. It is rapidly embraced by users, increases productivity, supports your strategic customer relationship management efforts and turns your time into value. It also provides you with the best-in-class front office functionality as well as end-to-end industry-specific process support. As your company grows, it can offer superior customer experience and promptly respond to market requirements.

Differentiate Your Business

Customer relationship management requires you to develop close relationships with your customers and enable them to achieve profitable growth. In addition, the global economy, which is characterized by interconnected factors, offers your customers a wide range of options that they can access by pressing a single button. Before your sales representative makes his/her first visit, the lead in question will have already looked into your company, products as well as the prices of your competitors and read the comments, positive or negative, of other customers about the service experience that they had. As a result, CRM now does not only align sales, service and marketing operations. In a world where information is just a click away, products quickly turn into goods and the pressure of profit margin continues to increase, the key factor is to become differentiated.

In order to differentiate your company, maximize your profit and offer superior customer value and exclusive customer experience across all touch points, you need to design and continuously improve business processes and engagement channels.

SAP CRM delivers the flexibility that you need in order to create unique customer experiences. Supporting many end-to-end business processes, the application helps you to handle various marketing, sales and service processes. You can install SAP CRM in an incremental, easily adaptable manner and then extend the application as your customers' requirements change or your business environment changes.

You can offer consistent and fit-for-purpose engagement across all channels. Proper and timely access to customer information allows you to make the most of each contact with your customer throughout his/her entire relationship with your company.

It helps you to ensure customer value, customer loyalty and profitability along the entire value chain. With the best-in-class front office functionality which supports industry-specific processes, SAP CRM turns customer-oriented growth vision into reality.

Setting New Standards for CRM

The traditional leadership of SAP, which is also maintained with the new generation CRM software, adds unrivalled speed and flexibility to your company so that you can increase your profitability by enhancing your customer engagement.

Create Customer Satisfaction

It encourages your customers and company to engage in collaboration by facilitating superior engagement and experience across all channels.
Empower Your Team
It allows your employees to execute business-related functions and manage engagement with customers at any time and place. With SAP, you can use comprehensive and real-time view of your all customer information for executing your operations and support collaboration in your business network.

Grow Your Business

It allows you to easily access the opinions of your customers and thus, differentiate and grow your business, offer superior customer experiences and gain advantage and better position your business.

Drive Growth

Increase revenue by improving customer loyalty, increasing the amount of money spent by customers, introducing new products to the market and closing more sales. Launch new products more quickly. Identify new channels for reaching out to new customers and enter into underserved segments and penetrate new markets. Help your sales teams to focus on strategic tasks while you increase your revenue and turn more leads into customers.

Maintain Operational Excellence

Improve productivity and effectiveness by streamlining end-to-end business processes, improving service levels, cutting costs and reducing errors. Shorten cycle times, increase order accuracy, reduce the number of customer calls, decrease the number of disputed bills, and reduce inventory costs with better order-to-cash processes. You can ensure customer satisfaction and resolve issues more quickly through cost-efficient engagement channels such as web-based self-services and online order management.


Enhance Competitive Agility

Respond more quickly to change, optimize your customer experiences and differentiate your company from your competitors through innovation. Quickly adapt your business processes to respond to changing market conditions and customer demands. Quickly launch new initiatives to the market. Align your channels with your customers’ interaction needs and preferences to achieve consistency and convenience across all customer touch points. With complete customer insight, you can create innovation that differentiates your products and services from others.


  • Marketing: Align marketing processes and manage customer demand by using functionality to improve management of marketing resources, departments and lists, campaigns, leads, commercial promotions and marketing analytics.
  • Sales: Develop profitable business relationships by managing regions, customers, contacts, activities, opportunities, offers, orders, product configurations, pricing, invoicing and contracts through sales planning and forecasting functionality.
  • Service: Gain higher service revenues and profitability with the support of service sales and marketing. Manage service orders, contracts, complaints, returns, repairs carried out on-site and at warehouse, warranties, resource planning, e-services and service analytics more effectively. Functionality to support call centers, field services and e-services provides flexibility during the delivery of services.
  • Partner channel management: Get a more profitable indirect channel by managing partner relationships and strengthening channel partners. Improve partner processes: Recruitment and management, communication, channel marketing and forecasting, online sales through partner, partner order management, channel service, and analytics for channel managers and partners.
  • Engagement center management: Maximize customer loyalty, reduce costs and increase revenue by turning your engagement center into a strategic delivery channel for marketing, sales and services across all contact channels. Effectively handle activities such as management of telemarketing, telesales, customer services, human resources, IT support and engagement center.
  • Enabling web channel: Increase sales and reduce transaction costs by turning the Internet into a valuable sales, marketing and service channel for your business and consumers. Increase profitability and reach new markets with the fully integrated web channel which includes e-marketing, e-commerce, e-service and web channel analytics. Benefit from these features by implementing directly SAP ERP application or SAP CRM as the fully integrated customer channel.
  • Business communications management: Manage inbound and outbound contacts across multiple locations. Integrate omni-channel communications into business processes for customers in order to offer customers and partners a seamless and consistent experience via all channels including audio and text messages, web and e-mail.
  • Real-time offer management: Turn all customer interactions into opportunities to develop customer relationships and make profit from customer interactions. Plan, improve and execute offers, service level agreements and many other actions aimed at cross-selling, up-selling and building customer loyalty. Perform next best actions to improve customer relationships and provide purposeful and personalized customer interactions.
  • Trade promotion management: Visibly improve your brand continuity and profit by controlling all trade-related processes. With the back-office integration, get more accurate commercial and financial results in terms of accounting. Gain key business insights that will help you to optimize trade activities. Increase your success by using analytics in trade promotions and by better managing market development funds, promotions and complaint and promotion handling processes.

Omni-Channel Commerce and Marketing [SAP Hybris Commerce & Marketing]

As commerce takes place more quickly than ever and through a multitude of channels, you need to offer customers the same superior experience at all touch points and carry out personalized marketing activities. With their leadership in digital commerce, SAP Hybris Commerce and Marketing solutions give you competitive advantage and offer speed, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As Renova, we are one of the first to implement Hybris in Turkey. Having enriched the web technologies and e-commerce infrastructure that we have been offering since 1999 with Hybris, we offer customers the ability to benefit from our experience in user experience domain. Our large Hybris team is the first team to receive Hybris 6.0 certificate in Turkey.


With Hybris B2C and B2B, commerce solutions are offered with the same experience across all channels such as web, mobile, physical stores, social media, call centers, etc. In addition, Hybris modules such as product catalogue management and order management system offer you personalized commerce management. Hybris is also integrated with all SAP systems.

Keeping track of the changing standards in marketing, Hybris Marketing solution offers the capability of instant big data marketing management at its most innovative and simplified form. As Renova, we offer solutions in various areas such as data management, segmentation, campaign management, customer insight, gaining customer and reporting with Hybris Marketing.


With the end-to-end SAP Hybris family of products, customer journey can be managed so as to ensure the perfect customer experience. Your conversion rate and page views will increase at a rate that exceeds your expectations. Case stories related to projects that are carried out across the world and in Turkey prove this fact. Conversion rates of the companies that choose Hybris increase 40% on average.