Turkcell Attains Excellence in Omni-Channel Customer Experience with SAP

Real-time management of stocks and orders of Turkcell’s dealers and distributors, B2B processes, smart cash application and e-transformation of franchisees have been successfully completed through Renova consultancy— with the vision of excellence in seamless retailing and omni-channel customer experience.


  • The need for an integrated retail automation system, omni-channel management of the whole retail structure with a single system
  • Strategies, campaigns and promotions designed at the headquarters to reach vast audiences
  • To enable simultaneous monitoring and management of inventory, sales and operations
  • Establishment of a supply chain structure that learns through customer interaction
  • Transformation of the customer experience end-to-end across all sales channels

Why SAP?

  • Offers an infrastructure that is able to meet both contemporary and future standards in a single platform
  • Has the best business applications
  • Strong references
  • Technological infrastructure

Why Renova?

  • Corporate and reliable structure
  • References, similar project experiences
  • Competent staff
  • Its corporate stance

SAP Solutions and Services

  • SAP IS Retail
  • SAP Hybris B2B, Telco Accelerator, PCM
  • SAP s/4HANA
  • SAP Enable Now
  • SAP Process Orchestration


  • Enables centralized management
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Exquisite omni-channel customer experience
  • Creation of a real-time traceable and manageable, seamless retail structure

Future Plans

  • Adoption of advanced retail solutions such as SAP, CAR, SAP, MDG
  • Extending SAP Hybris to other customer contact points
  • Customer information pool management and performing real-time contextual marketing


Turkcell Attains Excellence in Omni-Channel Customer Experience with SAP

Renova & Turkcell SAP Success Story